Recent finds (8/12-10/12)

So, I’m very excited to find some new resources mainly for my classroom.

  • I am extremely impressed with Weebly ( as a site builder. I have created a minimal site with it and like its intuitiveness. I am contemplating making it my class website and referring students/parents to it from my mandatory classjump site. I want to test the ease of uploading files and videos. I am thinking of videoing/recording lessons and loading them for students who are absent.
  • I learned from a classmate about an app called Pocket that can load youtube videos and then show at school without internet. I like this b/c there are often videos that are appropriate but not on teacher tube.
  • I recently learned from Matt about an animation creator that is cool: I used it to create a video,, for my EDP spaceship project. The kids loved it and I had a blast making it! I will definitely use this again.
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2 Responses to Recent finds (8/12-10/12)

  1. Miriam says:

    Thanks for posting about these great resources, Jennifer! (BTW, note that your URL for Weebly is mispelled.) I appreciate your explanation of how you have used these tools, as well!

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