Resources 11/1-13

I have been told about some new resources that I plan to use in my classroom. Here they are.

A colleague has mentioned a site where standardized assessments from various states have been collected. As assessment is an area where many teachers struggle, I find this particularly helpful to have a bank of tests available.

My husband recently sent me a link to a site that has online books and other materials called big I used it for enrichment in my French class. Understanding learner needs is a crucial part of instructional design (Larson & Lockee, 2012). High achieving students are often left out of planning because the push is to focus on “no child left behind.” Therefore the students that are leading the pack slow down or get bored. My French students are those pack leaders and I wanted to provide them an opportunity for challenge. I found a cute story integrated with French words by Marie Le Tourneau called The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres. They used it in a project this week that turned out great. The only pitfall with this is it costs to subscribe.

Larson, M.B., & Lockee, B.B. (2012). Streamlined ID: A practical approach to instructional design. NY: Routledge.

Le Tourneau, Marie. (2008). The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres. NY: Tanglewood.

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